Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Glorifying his name, Dr. Gaurav Sharma has become the cynosure of all via his remarkable and incredible efforts in the world of medical science. As being a creative, wise and innovative Diabetologist, Mr. Gaurav Sharma has no term left in his dictionary that sounds all Greek to him pertaining to life threatening and incurable Diabetes and Arthritis.    

Over 10 year medical education attaining credentials of M.D., P.G.D.S.M. claimed him the title ‘Doctor’ to which more than 13 year-old research tucked more feathers of fame. Inspired by 45 years’ experience of his father ‘Mr. SP Sharma’ (Ph D in Ayurveda & Delhi’s Drug controller manufacturer) in Ayurveda, Dr. Gaurav Sharma climbed the ladder of renown and success.

Having conferred the title of India’s number 1 Diabetologist and lifestyle doctor, he asserts to fulfill the promise of reducing the panging of the most daunting diseases called diabetes and Arthritis. Nevertheless, his way to success was not a bed of roses yet his staunch dedication, devotion, trustworthiness and tenacious approach enabled him to surpass each hurdle while wearing smile on his face. Thereby, he discovered the miraculous formula through his intensive research that is helping him fantastically to reverse the foretold terrible health disorders via scientific way.

Adorning the dream of exempting world from the life-threatening foregone diseases, Dr. Gaurav Sharma has a trained squad of health instructors as well as diet-experts that works as an aide to him for keeping those diseases at bay.

Website: www.sanjeevnitv.com